Community Development Projects

Organizations that seek funding for enterprise level (large), community and or internationally based humanitarian development projects through private funding groups often have to endure months of paperwork, conference calls, writing/rewriting business plans, and complying with other requirements. In most cases, the vision of the organization is held hostage and the promised funding is never realized.

The problem in most cases is that the funding source either does not have the financial capability or the sources to fund your project. Some organizations choose to go the government route and apply for grants. Applying for government grants often leads to frustration due to the strict requirements, rules and regulations associated with receiving and maintaining government grant funding.

ENA'ME Group Worldwide utilizes a network of private funding sources that have a proven track record of success funding projects worldwide. In 2013 our network provided actual funding for projects totaling over US$36.0 million. Our network of funding sources allows us to get the job done for our clients so that they can realize their vision and make a difference in the communities and regions that they serve.

Financial Programs

A financial or trading platform as it is commonly called is simply a system that can be used to place orders for financial products over a computer network. This includes products such as stocks, financial instruments or commodities.  A financial program; or platform as it is commonly called  can be used to raise money for expanding mining operations, humanitarian projects  or green technology projects. We have relationships with Platform Managing entities that have a proven track record in successfully managing a platform for clients that are seeking to leverage assets or financial instruments to raise capital.

Trust Services

Protecting capital and assets via an offshore or domestic trust is an essential part of an individual's or company's tax strategy and a service we recommend.  For instance, a 508-A Trust has a non-profit and a Inter-Vivos Trust component which gives the trustee real tax benefits and protects real-estate within the trust from being foreclosed by a bank. A Star Trust  (Cayman Islands) can legally shield capital and assets from government scrutiny and provide a high level of comfort for the trustee.  Other types of off-shore trusts offer additional protections for an individual's family and can ensure that assets remain in the family's care and control for generations to come.